West Vancouver residents weigh in on recycling

Nov 25, 2014

New provincial recycling regulations went into effect in May 2014, and a non-profit industry group called Multi Material BC became responsible for the collection and recycling of packaging materials and printed paper. As a result of this province-wide change, West Vancouver and the other North Shore municipalities are considering options for the future of our municipal recycling collection services.

With the help of the North Shore Recycling Program, we consulted residents to find out what is important to them when it comes to who makes recycling service decisions, the type of recycling service they prefer to receive, and their willingness to pay for various levels of service.

What we heard from West Van residents:

  • Most prefer maintaining local municipal control over decision-making and delivery of recycling services
  • Most prefer current multi-stream collection over single-stream collection
  • If glass has to be collected separately from other recyclable materials, a large majority of residents prefer curbside glass collection
  • More than half of respondents indicated a willingness to pay an additional fee for curbside glass collection service, if required
  • Of those residents willing to pay an additional fee for curbside glass collection, the majority considered approximately $25 per year or less to be an acceptable fee for this service
  • Residents prefer for garbage, green can, yard trimmings and recycling to be collected on the same day of the week

The survey results will help inform future decision-making regarding the provision of recycling service for West Vancouver.

View the complete survey report

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