Tree removal necessary to improve utility infrastructure and traffic flow to Lions Gate Village and access to Klahanie Park

Feb 19, 2021

Glenaire Drive, which is in North Vancouver and along the boundary of West Vancouver, is being upgraded to provide improved utility infrastructure and traffic flow to Lions Gate Village and new access to Klahanie Park.

The road work is being done by the District of North Vancouver and a developer in Lions Gate Village, a new neighbourhood in North Vancouver with a mix of multi-family housing options, park space, and walking and cycling paths in the town centre. This work will impact trees adjacent to Glenaire Drive, including some trees in Klahanie Park near the road. 

Arborist reports have determined that 48 trees need to be removed because they will be directly impacted or their roots will be severely compromised by the road work. This work is scheduled to begin near the end of February and will take approximately two weeks to complete.

As part of the road upgrades, new trees that are more suitable to plant along a roadway and other vegetation will be added.


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