Phasing municipal services back requires balancing priorities

The District of West Vancouver is gradually re-starting services that were closed as a result of the pandemic and has developed a decision-making model that will provide for a safe and thoughtful resumption of services.  Before a program or service can be restored, it must be evaluated against criteria that consider WorkSafe requirements, budgets and staffing requirements. The first, and most important deciding factor when considering restarting any service is the safety of residents, businesses and staff.

If a program or service cannot be done safely and with access to required equipment and supplies, no other principles are considered. If safety considerations are met, regulatory requirements, labour requirements and financial viability are considered next. Public demand is considered after these requirements have been met.

Even if the first criteria are met, the financial impacts of the COVID pandemic will be seen throughout West Vancouver over the next year. Non-essential operations and programs that have been reduced may not be resumed if they are not financially viable.

A comprehensive review of programs and services will include scenario planning and a COVID-19 Safety Plan, as required by WorkSafe BC for all programs and services impacted by COVID-19.

As services resume, information will be posted at