Official election results

Oct 24, 2018

Voters have elected one mayor, six councillors and five school trustees for four-year terms. The results have been declared official by the Chief Election Officer.

The new members of Council will be sworn in at the inaugural Council meeting on November 5, 2018.

FOR THE OFFICE OF MAYOR (One (1) to be elected)

  • BOOTH, Mary-Ann

FOR THE OFFICE OF COUNCILLOR (Six (6) to be elected)

  • WONG, Marcus
  • LAMBUR, Peter
  • CAMERON, Craig
  • GAMBIOLI, Nora
  • THOMPSON, Sharon

FOR THE OFFICE OF SCHOOL TRUSTEE (Five (5) to be elected)

  • BROADY, Carolyn
  • BROWN, Nicole
  • BLOCK, Lynne
  • DONAHUE, Sheelah

2018 Election: Declaration of Results

Determination of official results: Mayor

Determination of official results: Councillor

Determination of official results: School Trustee

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