News Bites -- Tuesday, April 18

Apr 18, 2017

Black bears are back
Bylaws Services staff note that the first black bear of the season has been sighted. Residents are
reminded to manage their wildlife attractants responsibly and in accordance with local bylaws. Info:

Flea fundraiser
Three hundred volunteers from the Seniors’ Activity Centre (SAC) have taken over the Ice Arena for two weeks in preparation for the annual Flea Market on April 23. Volunteers give an average of 35 hours a week, working full-time for the largest fundraiser for the SAC. Each year, the flea market generates approximately $70,000+ in revenue for the SAC.

OCP update
Staff are currently wrapping up public engagement for Phase 1 of the OCP Review, which featured 13 stakeholder meetings, a youth brainstorm, a survey with over 275 responses, and two World Cafés attended by over a hundred residents. Staff will analyze feedback received from all engagements to date and anticipate updating the District’s Community Engagement Committee in May and reporting to Council in June on the results of Phase 1 and the public engagement program for Phase 2.

Water for remote communities
The District of West Vancouver is participating in the Passive Membrane Treatment Pilot, led by UBC civil engineering professor Pierre Bérubé, who helped create a system that uses bacteria and gravity to remove over 99.99 percent of contaminates in non-potable water turning it into drinking water. The intention is to employ these units in remote communities. Professor Bérubé’s research group was looking for an opportunity to test and troubleshoot the units in a location that is accessible before deploying it in more remote settings. There is no financial contribution to the pilot, but the District has agreed to deploy one of the units at Eagle Lake Treatment Facility. The unit was deployed at the beginning of April and will be running for roughly six months. It uses roughly 28 cubic meters of raw water a day and is powered by a standard electrical outlet.

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