News Bites: November 7

Nov 7, 2017

Let’s keep it clean
In October, a team of staff volunteers gathered on Ambleside waterfront after work to participate in a Great Canadian Shoreline Litter Clean Up event. Several large bags of garbage and recycling were collected and disposed of responsibly. Much of the waste was found wedged in the rocks along the water or hidden under vegetation. More info about the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up is here.

Up a creek
Staff are reviewing the existing Creek Bylaw and related documents with an eye to updating and modernizing this area of regulation with current trends and best practice regulations.

If you build it
Staff are advancing opportunities created by the new BC Energy Step Code to improve the performance and efficiency of new buildings. Meetings with the West Vancouver Housing Association and former members of the Community Energy & Emissions Plan Working Group are being held to discuss how best to implement the changes to the Provincial Building Act.

Safety first
Crashes with pedestrians spike in fall and winter as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease. West Vancouver has partnered with ICBC to support their fall pedestrian safety campaign. Last week ICBC visited West Vancouver's Operations Centre with a tabletop simulator to allow individuals to experience first-hand the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving and failing to yield the right-of-way are the top contributing factors for drivers in crashes involving pedestrians.

Vets ride free
Starting this week, West Vancouver Blue Buses will be outfitted with a Talking Board advising that all veterans will ride free on Remembrance Day, as part of a regional campaign.

The low-down
West Vancouver Blue Bus is currently piloting five “low-floor” community shuttles on North Shore routes, including the C12 Lions Bay/Caulfeild and the 251 Queens/Park Royal. These shuttles seat 20 people and include space for four standees and two wheelchairs, are a first at TransLink. The low floor and ramp make it easier for all customers (those with walkers, strollers or scooters, or simply someone with a stroller or two-wheeled shopping cart), including those with mobility challenges, to board the bus.

Improving access
Parks, Culture & Community Services staff and Engineering & Transportation staff did a joint presentation to members of the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues in October to report out on 2017 accessibility achievements in the District and proposed 2018 capital projects that improve accessibility.

New gear for kids
The childminding program at Cypress Corner at the West Vancouver Community Centre is enjoying some new equipment and resources, including three new plasma cars, new books and bean bag chairs, and is excited to receive new bookshelves in the near future. These items were purchased through a donation received from the West Vancouver Community Centres Society.

Proud 2 Be
Youth Services and Family Services of the North Shore joined together to host the 4th Annual Proud 2 Be Conference in October at Gleneagles Community Centre and Gleneagles Clubhouse. Youth, families and allies from all over BC attended the two-and-a-half day conference to foster empathy through education and awareness, connect young people and their families to service providers, and enhance peer and community support networks. The conference brought together leading medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical counsellors and allied health providers with expertise in LGBT*Q+ issues in BC to West Vancouver. It was a weekend of learning, listening, sharing and making connections through panel discussions, presentations, workshops and support groups.

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