New LED street lights coming to West Vancouver as part of the BC Hydro Street Light Replacement Project

Jul 7, 2022

BC Hydro is in the process of replacing existing street light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs across the province. This work will reduce our carbon footprint and meet federal regulations that require all light ballasts containing Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) be removed by the end of 2025.

All BC Hydro street lights across the North Shore will switch to LED by the end of summer 2022.

Why LED Street lights?

Street lights are switching to LEDs for much the same reason that people choose LEDs for their homes: they use far less energy, are more reliable, last longer, and are more sustainable.

LEDs are 50% more efficient than the previous light bulbs, last up to three times longer, and do not contain toxic chemicals, which altogether contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

LED street lights also help improve public safety by increasing the visibility of sidewalks and roads at night. The whiter and more natural light produced by LEDs increases the contrast between an object and its surroundings, helping drivers identify people and objects in the roadway more quickly and accurately.

What to expect

BC Hydro will begin replacing street lights in July 2022 and is expected to complete the replacement of all BC Hydro street lights on the North Shore by the end of summer 2022. The installation time of lights will vary, depending on conditions.

The installation of LEDs is expected to have minimal impacts on residents and businesses. The District is coordinating with BC Hydro to ensure minimal impacts on municipal projects and traffic.

LED street lights are designed to focus light downward towards the road and sidewalk where it is needed and limits light shining upwards or into nearby properties. Because of this, nighttime visibility of roads and sidewalks will improve while also reducing light pollution.

Replacing an older worn street light with a brand new LED will be brighter than the previous light, as the light that is being replaced is at the end of life so their brightness has degraded, and the old light covers are often dirty which also diffuse the light’s brightness.

Learn more

Visit BC Hydro's website at the link below to learn more.

BC Hydro's Street Light Replacement Project

Did you know that BC Hydro owns and maintains over 1,000 street lights within the District of West Vancouver? You can identify a BC Hydro street light if it is attached to a wooden pole, whereas District street lights are typically attached to metal poles. Visit the link below to learn more about street lights in West Vancouver.

Street Lights


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