The future location of a West Vancouver youth hub

Oct 7, 2021

West Vancouver wasn’t always without a youth hub. The first dedicated youth space, the Ambleside Youth Centre, opened in 1996 in a building that originated as a World War II Canadian Military army hut. By 2019, the ageing Ambleside Youth Centre's (AYC) roof partially collapsed, and two weeks before it was scheduled for demolition, the building was destroyed by fire.

Since the Ambleside Youth Centre closed, many of the same services have been offered at the Youth Lounge at West Vancouver Community Centre (WVCC) and other community/youth spaces across the District. Despite having similar programs, only a small number of youth made the transition to those spaces. District staff learned from discussions with youth that those spaces don’t offer the same level of comfort, safety, and autonomy as AYC.

The Interim Youth Hub opened at Park Royal South as a temporary solution, and the District began the process of identifying options for a permanent replacement.

A 2019 survey confirmed that a dedicated youth space is necessary, and workshops held in 2020 with youth and youth service providers further asserted the need for a centrally-located facility that would house various services under one roof.

Now, in 2021, the District is taking the next steps to determine a new location for a youth hub in West Vancouver.

Council have directed staff to provide detailed business plans including proposed capital, maintenance, and operating costs for two options: 1) the establishment of a new permanent Youth Hub facility in a central location in West Vancouver, and, 2) a Youth Hub in an existing space through a long-term lease agreement.

A location must be identified by the community before a proposed plan can be developed to present to Council for a final decision. We are narrowing the options down to a few locations and will present them to the community for feedback.

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