District of West Vancouver and CN work together to resolve Seawalk dispute

Sep 7, 2018

Discussions this week between the District of West Vancouver and CN have resulted in significant progress toward resolving the question of public access to the Centennial Seawalk.

The District and CN have been working to resolve the issue over the use of the Seawalk where it runs along the railway right-of-way since February 2017.

“I’m pleased to inform residents that we’ve been able to reach a letter of intent with CN that will pave the way to ensuring access to the Seawalk,” says Mayor Michael Smith.

Sean Finn, CN’s Executive Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer, says, “We are very pleased to have taken this important step toward a mutually beneficial resolution that ensures access in a safe manner to the Seawalk for years to come. We look forward to continued constructive engagement with the District.”

The letter of intent is not a formal agreement. CN and West Vancouver will work towards a formal settlement agreement to be approved by Council.

Timeline & Updates

October 2018

  • the District is continuing to work cooperatively together with CN. The District has also already started to return to our usual maintenance and presence on the Seawalk.

September 2018

  • Letter of intent with CN (posted above)

January 2018

CTA issues a decision regarding District application

October 2017

District files application with Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA)

March 2017

District installed signs on Centennial Seawalk

February 2017

CN files Lawsuit on use of Centennial Seawalk


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