District takes steps to prevent water damage at Silk Purse, Music Box over Christmas season

Dec 23, 2014

With a number of king tides approaching, including one on Christmas Day, people using West Vancouver's waterfront may notice the District of West Vancouver is taking measures to prevent water damage at two popular West Vancouver music and arts venues.

District staff have installed a 'tiger dam' -- interlocking, flexible tubes filled with water which are joined end to end and stacked -- in a circle around the two buildings. The intent is to protect them from seawater which District staff know from recent experience can reach and damage those buildings during a king tide.

The two District buildings sit at the lowest point in John Lawson Park are the most vulnerable to flooding. With king tides continuing into January 2015, staff expect the temporary dam to be in place for up to six weeks. 

Preventative measures like this in West Vancouver' waterfront areas will likely become commonplace as sea levels continue to rise due to climate change.

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