District Explains Decision to Not Seek Recount Costs

Dec 4, 2018

West Vancouver Mayor and Council would like the public to know the reasons behind why they aren’t seeking to be repaid for the cost of the 2018 municipal election judicial recount. The decision was based on advice that it was very unlikely the District would be awarded costs, for the following reasons:

  1. Municipal governments have had limited success in recovering judicial recount costs as they are responsible by law for conducting the electoral process, including any recount required.
  2. The Court decided the recount was necessary due to the slim margin of votes separating the candidates for the offices of Mayor and Councillor
  3. The Court did not view the recount application as frivolous, bothersome, or otherwise unwarranted.

It is Council’s responsibility to manage tax dollars effectively. Even if the District chose to pursue costs it is unlikely that more than a small portion of the costs would be recovered. An attempt to recover even a portion of the costs associated with the recount would put an additional financial burden on taxpayers.

Earlier this month, Council passed a resolution at a Closed Council meeting on November 19 that the District will not seek to recover costs associated with the judicial recount. After the recount, which took place on November 1, the judge confirmed that the individuals elected to the offices of Mayor and Council would remain as originally declared by the Chief Election Officer.

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