Council Meeting Highlights: September 27, 2021

Sep 27, 2021

Here is a quick snapshot of the outcome of the September 27 Council meeting. For details, please watch the video or view the minutes once they are posted.


Councillor’s Motion regarding Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Councillor Soprovich introduced this motion for the following reasons:

  • the greenhouse gasses emitted from two-stroke gas-powered leaf blowers are equivalent to those generated by an automobile travelling 1,700 km
  • studies suggest that sustained noise over 85db can be harmful to residents’ well-being

Council directed staff to report to Council regarding the feasibility of:

  1. banning two-stroke gas-powered leaf blowers; and
  2. regulating the noise of electric leaf blowers to 65db or less

Council passed the motion.

Bylaw amendments to Provide for Hybrid and Electronic Meetings

In March 2020, the Province of British Columbia issued orders to help local governments continue operating by allowing electronic meetings in response to the pandemic. In July 2021, the province ended the state of emergency but left the order allowing electronic meetings in place for three months to allow municipalities time to adapt meeting procedures to a post-pandemic world. The province also indicated that it would update the Community Charter to allow municipalities to continue holding electronic meetings.

The proposed Council Meeting Procedure Bylaw amendment introduces a hybrid meeting format for Council meetings: Council and members of the public would have the option of participating in Council meetings either electronically or in-person.

The proposed Council Committee Procedure Bylaw amendment would provide Council committees with the option of holding their meetings either all-electronically or all in-person.

Council read the bylaws a first, second, and third time. Then, Council will consider adoption at a special meeting on September 29, 2021.


Bylaw amendments (housekeeping amendments and corrections) for Bylaw Notice Enforcement

These bylaws were considered and adopted by Council at their July 27, 2021, special meeting as part of the package of Neighbourhood Character Working Group bylaws. Staff identified clerical errors during the August recess and brought forward amendments to correct these errors.

At the September 13, 2021 meeting, Council   read the bylaws a first, second, and third time.

Council adopted the bylaws.

New Business

Special Covid Support – Kay Meek Arts Centre Grant Request

Mayor Booth introduced the motion to consider a request from Kay Meek Arts Centre for a special grant of $150,000 to help the facility minimize the economic impact of the pandemic on the arts centre.

Council directed staff to report back to Council on the feasibility of financing the special grant request.


A consent agenda allows Council to approve all these items together without discussion or individual motions. Council briefly discussed the Arts Facility Advisory Committee terms of reference and approved the other items without discussion.

Replacement of the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Council created the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee in 2019 to consider existing needs (exhibition, performance, storage, workshop/studio, and program spaces) and future needs for facilities to support arts and culture. As a result of this work, a single consolidated replacement facility was proposed.

Community consultation took place in May and June 2021 to present two potential sites and ask the public to select a preferred option. The consultation results indicated a split in community opinion in terms of acceptance of either of the sites. In addition, they raised several questions and concerns about many aspects of the project.

On July 26, 2021, Council directed staff to conduct additional community engagement to address concerns and questions remaining in the community.

Part of that work is to develop a governance model and a fundraising plan to replace the facilities for arts and culture in West Vancouver.

Under the new terms of reference, the 2022 Arts Facilities Advisory Committee will undertake that work. The District is accepting applications for volunteer committee members until October 22, 2021.

Council approved the new terms of reference.

2022 Council Meeting Schedule

Each year, Council establishes a schedule of Council meetings for the following year, as required by the Community Charter. The schedule for 2022 follows the general practice of two regular Council meetings a month, with the following exceptions:

  • No meetings during spring break or August
  • No meetings during the Union of British Columbia Municipalities conference in September
  • No meetings on weeks with a statutory holiday on Monday

And, because there will be a local government election in October 2022, one meeting is scheduled for September, and no Council meetings are scheduled in October.

Council approved the 2022 Council meeting schedule.

Development Variance Permit for Horseshoe Bay Park washrooms

After an extensive public consultation process, Council approved the Horseshoe Bay Park Revitalization Plan in June 2019.   Work will be done in a phased approach, and the first phase is scheduled to begin in fall 2021.

New washrooms have been designed as part of the park revitalization. A Development Variance Permit is required because the proposal is to build a new public washroom opposite the foreshore with a reduced front setback. The variance will allow for a slightly increased elevation to protect the infrastructure from the effects of coastal flooding, erosion, and sea-level rise.

Staff will notify owners and residents within 50 meters of the washroom site: the public will be invited to provide feedback prior to consideration.

Council will consider the application on November 8, 2021.

The next regular Council meeting will take place on October 4, 2021.

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