Council Meeting Highlights: November 23, 2021

Nov 23, 2021

Here is a quick snapshot of the outcome of the November 23, 2021, Public Hearing and Special Council meeting. For details, please watch the video or view the minutes once they are posted.

A Public Hearing was held at 6 p.m., and the Special Council meeting started immediately after the Public Hearing was closed.


Development Variance Permit and Rezoning 2870 Bellevue Avenue

The District has received an application to redevelop 2870 Bellevue Avenue, a waterfront property, with a new single-family house.

This public hearing is being held to consider applications to:

  • provide a development variance permit to build a new single family home on the waterfront in an area that is subject to flooding from storm events and sea-level rise
  • rezone a small portion of the lot from Marine Use to Private Residential

Council received input from the applicant on the proposed rezoning and development variance permit and closed the Public Hearing. There was no input from the community.


Development Variance Permit and Rezoning 2870 Bellevue Avenue

The proposed bylaw amendment and development variance permit received first reading at the October 18, 2021 Council meeting.  Council held a public hearing on November 23, 2021. (see above).

Council gave second and third reading to the Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 5161, 2021, and then adopted the bylaw.

Council approved the Development Variance Permit.


The next regular Council meeting will take place on December 6, 2021.

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