Council Meeting Highlights: March 29, 2021

Mar 30, 2021

Here is a quick snapshot of the outcome of this week’s Council meeting. For details, please watch the video or view the minutes once they are posted.

Reconsideration of the 2668 Bellevue Avenue Remedial Action Requirement

On December 14, 2020, Council declared the property located at 2668 Bellevue Avenue to be a nuisance and required the owners to demolish the structure and clean up the site. The Community Charter gives the owner the right to reconsider the decision. The reconsideration at the request of the owner is the subject of this report.

Council confirmed the remedial action requirement in relation to 2668 Bellevue Avenue, in the terms of the resolution passed on December 14, 2020.

Proposed Development Cost Charge (DCC) Expenditure Bylaw for Parkland Development

Capital projects to be funded are included in the Five-Year Financial Plan, but there are also projects identified to be funded from development cost charge reserve funds. Development cost charge reserve funds can only be used for specific purposes, and Council must approve an expenditure bylaw before the funds can be used. The following project funding was approved:

Sport Field Drainage and Irrigation Replacement for improving drainage, irrigation and landscaping for the Upper Klahanie Park sport field: $286,000

Failing Trails and Trail Structures Replacement to complete trail repairs and install an improved trail bridge over Cypress Creek in Cypress Falls Park. This trail improvement will allow ongoing access to a key connection to the Trans-Canada Trail and other trails in the Upper Lands: $175,000

Brothers Creek Bridge Replacement to re-establish the trail and install the new Brothers Creek Bridge. These trail improvements will allow hikers to complete a popular scenic loop trail along both sides of Brothers Creek: $170,000

Klee Wyck Park Site Restoration for the first phase of the Klee Wyck Site Plan 2020-2021. The work will consist of demolition of four unused greenhouses; relocation of two remaining greenhouses and new trails and drainage to make the park usable for the public: $170,000

Memorial Park Accessibility Improvements o improve universal access to Memorial Park through hard and soft landscaping. A new ramp will provide a safer, shorter and more direct route to the park plaza: $100,000 

The total expenditures from DCC Reserve Funds for these projects is $901,000. Council read the bylaw a first, second and third time. Adoption will take place at a subsequent meeting.

Temporary Protection of the McDowell Residence at 466 Hillcrest Street

The house at 466 Hillcrest Street, also known as the McDowell Residence, is listed as a "Support Building" in West Vancouver's Survey of Significant Architecture. Support Buildings are defined as being significant examples of contemporary design, but may have undergone inappropriate modifications or may not be as high a quality as the primary and secondary buildings on the list.

The District received an application to demolish the existing McDowell Residence and build a new single-family house. Staff asked Council to withhold the demolition permit for 60 days to give staff an opportunity to discuss options with the owner, including alternative development opportunities in exchange for legal protection of the existing house.

Council ordered a temporary, 60-day protection of the house.

Proposed Development Procedures Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw Updates

Staff recommended a series of bylaw amendments to the Zoning Bylaw to address inconsistencies, clarify interpretation and correct an inadvertent omission in the CD3 Zone. Staff also recommended amendments to the Development Procedures Bylaw to clarify and correct the language around the delegation of permits. The specifics on each change are outlined in the attached staff report. A Public Hearing must be held to consider the proposed amendment bylaws. Council gave first reading to the amendment bylaws and set the date for the public hearing for April 26, 2021. 

Preliminary Development Proposal for 695 Burley Drive and 660, 640, 620, and 610 Inglewood Avenue (East of Taylor Way)

The District has received a preliminary development proposal for 695 Burley Drive and 660, 640, 620, and 610 Inglewood Avenue. The site is currently made up of five single-family lots, and the developer has submitted a preliminary development proposal to develop 52 townhouse units on the site. A preliminary development proposal allows for expanded public input opportunities, information sharing, and the purpose of this agenda item is to allow a forum to identify and discuss potential issues and concerns early in the development process. Staff noted that, while the proposal generally supports the Official Community Plan and Council's Strategic Plan, the site is within the Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan. The public consultation and planning process for Taylor Way Corridor has not yet started.

Council moved that the preliminary development application proceed for consideration prior to the adoption of the Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan, but the motion was defeated.

Proposed 2021 Capital Funding

The available funding for all capital projects is built into the District’s 2021-2025 Five-Year Financial Plan, but the inclusion of funding in the Plan does not, by itself, authorize funds to be spent. The purpose of this report is to obtain Council's authorization to finance the 2021 Capital Asset Program by authorizing the expenditure of funds from statutory reserves. The 2021 Capital Plan reflects both the District's priorities for the maintenance of capital assets, and the unique circumstances associated with COVID-19. As a result, the capital plan is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1 includes projects proposed for immediate implementation
  • Phase 2 includes projects that can be postponed until the capacity and funding constraints are further understood

Depending on the progress of Phase 1 projects and incremental funding available for capital initiatives, some of the Phase 2 projects may be launched in 2021, while others may need to be postponed.

Council approved the Phase 1 Capital Projects as presented.

The next Council meeting will take place on April 12, 2021.

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