Council Briefs: March 12

Mar 13, 2018

Council meeting video is available.

Delegation: TransLink regarding B-Line or Better: Service Levels and Local Service Changes: Information presentation.

2018-2022 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw (Proposed Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 4971, 2018): Bylaw received three readings.

Proposed 2018 Capital Funding Report: Approved.

Proposed Youth Activity Fund Expenditure Bylaw 4972, 2018 (regarding funding 2018 youth programming): Bylaw received three readings.

Proposed Development Cost Charge (Parks) 2018 Capital Projects Expenditure Bylaw 4973, 2018: Bylaw received three readings.

Removal of Zoning Bylaw Barriers to High-Performance Buildings: Bylaw received first reading; public hearing date scheduled for April 23, 2018.

Neighbourhood Character Working Group for Single Family Dwelling Zones: Information report.

Proposed Building Bylaw 4400, 2004, Amendment Bylaw 4970, 2018: Adopted.

Proposed New Apartment Building at Lot 37 Burfield Place: Consideration set for April 9, 2018.

Landscape Encroachments Awareness Campaign: Information report.

Appointment of Chief Election Officer and Deputy Chief Election Officer for 2018 General Local Election: Appointed.

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