Brissenden Park Update

Jul 17, 2019

The District of West Vancouver has been advised that a Notice of Civil Claim has been issued by the Attorney-General, David Eby, naming the District as Defendant. 

The District wishes to clarify that it is not presently taking steps to defend the legal action, because the Notice of Civil Claim has not been served.

As this matter may come before the courts in the future, the District is limited in the amount of public comment it can make.  However, the District does wish to clarify a few basic points.

First, the District does not agree with the way in which the Attorney-General has characterized the events. 

The District has commenced a court application to authorize a sale of part of Brissenden Park, to raise funds for the District’s longstanding program of acquiring contiguous waterfront public parkland in the Ambleside area

This step was taken for the District to continue providing the best overall park service possible for its residents. 

Prior to filing its court application, the District engaged in thorough public consultation, the result of which was general approval for the District’s plan.  Brissenden Park will continue to be available as a neighborhood park, and has been upgraded with trails which connect to the District’s trail system.  

Second, the District does not agree with the characterization that the District is making a “profit”. 

The District is a public body which operates on a non-profit basis. The District’s park program also operates on a non-profit basis, and is subsidized from the District’s general tax and cost recovery revenue to the extent of several million dollars annually.

Finally, the District’s program will honour the name and memory of the bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Brissenden. 

Upon acquiring the new waterfront parkland which the District intends to purchase, the District will commemorate that land as “Brissenden Waterfront Park”, which brings home the Brissenden name to both the ongoing users of the original Brissenden Park and the many thousands of residents who visit the waterfront area each year. 

While the actions of the Attorney-General, David Eby, are unfortunate, the District intends to continue to act in the best interests of its residents and community while also complying with its legal obligations in respect of Brissenden Park. 

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