Reduced Speeds in Residential Areas Pilot Project

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Updated March 2022

District staff launched a pilot project in September 2020 to determine if traffic can be slowed from 50km/hr to 30km/hr in select neighbourhoods without traffic calming measures or enforcement.

Staff presented the results of the pilot project at the December 13, 2021 Council meeting. The analysis did not indicate a reduction in speeds or collisions.

Council received the report for information and directed staff to expand the 30 km/hr speed reduction initiative to one or two neighbourhood zones, include the initiative in the 2022 budget proposal, and report back to Council.

Council Report


Test locations 

The test locations for the pilot project were:
  • Fulton Avenue between 12th Street and 16th Street
  • Bellevue Avenue between 17th and 25th Street

These areas were chosen because of the long blocks with uninterrupted stretches where vehicles can build speed. 

Data collection

Traffic data is collected at the same location during different times of day with the help of traffic tubes placed on the road. Traffic tubes are thin black tubes put on the road to capture speeds and volumes of vehicles. Staff will analyze the effects of speed reduction and review all data collected.