Drinking Water

Your drinking water comes from three sources: bulk water purchased from Metro Vancouver and membrane-filtered water from local sources at Eagle Lake and Montizambert Creek. We are very proud of the water we deliver to West Vancouver residents.

Nearly half our drinking water comes from right here in West Vancouver.

Eagle Lake Water

The multiple-award-winning Eagle Lake membrane filtration facility, completed in 2009, provides protection against waterborne diseases and the possible impacts of turbidity, while reducing the amount of chlorine used. The treatment process includes pH adjustment to the naturally acidic source waters.

Montizambert Creek

If you live north of Horseshoe Bay, your water comes from Montizambert Creek. Completed in 2011, the Montizambert Creek water filtration plant uses the same state-of-the-art membrane filtration as the Eagle Lake Plant—now all residents of West Vancouver receive membrane-filtered water.

Water System Infrastructure

Ever wondered how your water finds its way from its source to your taps? A system of pipes, pressure reducing valves, pumps, reservoirs, chlorination systems, filters and intakes is required to receive, store and transport, potable water to homes. The system, monitored 24 hours a day, is comprised of:

  • 321 km of water mains
  • two state-of-the-art filtration plants at Eagle Lake and Montizambert Creek
  • 22 reservoirs
  • 10 pumping stations
  • 1,250 fire hydrants
  • more than 12,600 individual service connections
  • more than 250 commercial/institutional service connections

Water in our Region

Keep the Water Flowing

Learn more about how we manage and maintain the system of water infrastructure that brings water to your home.

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