Your utility bill explained

Utility fees are billed quarterly, and each bill will include charges for:

  • drinking water
  • sewer & drainage
  • garbage and recycling

West Vancouver has a metered water and sewer utility. What you pay for water and sewer will vary each quarter depending on how much water you use.

Utility rates are set each year by Council, typically in the late fall. Fees that you pay on your utility bill go directly toward providing our community with safe drinking water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage and waste and recycling services.

If you are a resident in an apartment or condominium, utility bills will most likely be managed by your property manager.


There are two components to your water utility fees:

  • Base Water Charge
  • Metered Water Charge

Base Water Charge

Your base water charge is determined by your property type and size of water connection. A typical single-family home will pay $89.36 per quarter in 2022.

Multi-family and commercial properties typically have higher flow requirements and connection sizes than single-family properties, and therefore pay a higher base charge. 

Metered Water Charge

For single-family residential properties, charges are calculated each quarter using a tiered water rate structure (with levels or blocks per consumption range). Water is charged by cubic metre, with water in Block 1 costing the least per cubic metre.

  • Block 1: 0-30 cubic metres
  • Block 2: 31-60 cubic metres
  • Block 3: 61-180 cubic metres
  • Block 4: over 180 cubic metres

2022 Water Rates

  • 0–30 cubic metres: $1.48 ($44.40)
  • 31–60 cubic metres: $1.69 ($93.41)
  • 61–180 cubic metres: $2.59 ($401.62)
  • over 180 cubic metres: $3.52 ($401.62)

Multi-family/commercial/institutions and mixed property types will be charged a flat fee of $1.90 per cubic metre of water.

Because water consumption varies seasonally, it's common for a household to use fewer cubic metres during a fall or winter quarter and more during drier summer months.

Meters are read monthly and you can check your monthly meter reads using MyDistrict.


Sewer & Drainage

Like charges for water, charges for sewer are metered.

There are three components to your sewer utility rate:

  • Drainage Levy
  • Base Local and Regional Sewer
  • Metered Local and Regional Sewer

Sewer volume is not metered directly; it is calculated based on your water use. This is because water that flows from the tap most often also goes down the drain. 

How is it calculated?

Drainage Levy

  • your portion of fixed costs to the storm drainage system
  • the drainage levy can vary depending on the type of property (single family residential, multi-family or commercial)

Single-family customer: $138.99 per quarter.
Multi-family or commercial customer: $138.99 per quarter.

Base Local and Regional Sewer

  • your portion of fixed costs to the sanitary sewer utility

Single-family customer: $51.99 per quarter.
Multi-family or commercial Customer: $51.99 per quarter.

Metered Local and Regional Sewer

  • the volume of your sewer use is charged by cubic metres and is based on your metered water consumption
  • single-family sewer volume is based on winter water use (Q1 & Q4 October–March) then annualized and charged in quarterly payments; this is because single-family properties tend to have much higher outdoor water use in the summer, and water used outdoors does not typically flow through the sewer system
  • multi-family and commercial sewer volume is based directly on water used during the quarter

All property types: $3.48/m3.

garbage & recycling


  • All residential properties that receive municipal recycling collection are no longer charged a fee as of January 1, 2021.

Recycle BC has been responsible for recycling collection in West Vancouver since July 2020. For more information about recycling, visit the Recycle BC website.


  • All residential properties that receive curbside garbage and green waste collection service pay a flat quarterly waste fee of $61.31 on each utility bill.
  • All detached suites that receive curbside collection pay a fee of $41.27 each quarter.

Public Space Refuse

  • All residential properties pay a flat fee of $14.95 for public space refuse collection. Public space refuse includes waste and recycling collection services in civic facilities like community centres and parks, as well as bus stops and commercial areas.

Commercial Properties

  • West Vancouver does not provide garbage and recycling collection service for commercial properties.


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