Woodcrest Townhomes

Following a preliminary public information meeting held by the applicant on September 9, 2021, the District has received a revised preliminary development application for a 37 unit townhouse development (down from 44 townhouse units on a smaller site) at 4430 Woodcrest Road, 4450 Woodcrest Road, 4460 Woodcrest Road, and 4504 Woodgreen Drive. 

As planned, the proposal will include five townhouse buildings with vehicular access on the west side of the site from Woodgreen Drive. The proposal is being considered under Official Community Plan policy 2.1.7, which allows consideration of site-specific rezoning applications appropriate to the subject site and local context.

This proposal has not been formally submitted as a rezoning and is still within the preliminary development application stage. As part of the standard development process, the preliminary proposal was reviewed by Council on February 14, 2022.

If the project advances to a formal rezoning, the District will process the development application in compliance with the Development Procedures Bylaw that requires public notification and consultation.

All rezoning applications must be approved by Council.

Architectural Drawings

Council Report