Rodgers Creek Neighbourhood

Council adopted the three Rodgers Creek implementation bylaws on Monday, September 22, 2008, to allow the development of the area consistent with the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan Overview Report. On February 10, 2020, Council adopted a new Phased Development Agreement, Zoning Bylaw and OCP amendments to allow for up to 1217 units in the Rodgers Creek with provision for rental units and reduced market unit size in Areas 5 and 6.

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Areas 5 and 6


The 215-acre Rodgers Creek Area was rezoned in 2008 to enable the development of a comprehensively planned residential community with a diverse mix of housing along with environmental protection of sensitive riparian and forest areas. Of the approved 736 housing units, 493 units are located in Areas 5 and 6 with the closest proximity to the future mixed-use Cypress Village. The majority of Areas 5 and 6 is yet to be developed and the owner has applied for rezoning of these two areas to enable smaller units, additional rental units and better transportation connectivity.

Approved application details

Council approved the following changes to Areas 5 and 6 (see previously approved proposals below):

  • Increased apartment, cluster housing and townhouse units in Areas 5 and 6:  The application increased the number of for-sale units through unit size reduction with an increase in of 130 units in Area 5 and 70 units in Area 6. No increase in density/square footage was approved.
  • Increased building heights in Areas 5 and 6: An increase in maximum building height from 12 storeys to 16 and 14 storeys in specific locations in Areas 5 and 6 was approved and allows for construction of taller, narrower buildings on a smaller footprint. In both Areas 5 and 6, the overall approach of increasing building height toward the west and the envisioned Cypress Village is maintained as originally provided for in the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan. No increase in density/square footage was approved.
  • Increase in single-family dwelling units in Area 6 from 4 lots to 10 lots: This change allowed for the development of smaller single-family homes. No increase in density/square footage was approved.
  • Two additional purpose-built secured rental apartment buildings: A new secured rental 12-storey apartment building (up to 130 units) was approved in Area 6, as well as a 12 storey secured rental building for the District-owned parcel with up to 150 units.
  • Extension of Uplands Way to connect to Cypress Bowl Road: Uplands Way was revised to connect back to Cypress Bowl Road in order to expand transportation options in the neighbourhood including improving the opportunity for future transit service.

Approved Development Plans


Approved Changes for Areas 5 and 6

Transportation Study

Council Report | September 26, 2019

Phased Development Agreement

3271 and 3281 Uplands Way (Lot 3, Area 6, Rodgers Creek)

Development permit No 18-096 was approved for 64 units within a 10 storey building, a 6 storey building and a 2 storey townhouse podium plus a three-storey amenity building. Following the rezoning of Area 6, an amendment to this development permit was approved (No. 19-068) that allowed for 72 units.

Context Map

Development Permit No 18-096 Development Plans

Amendment No 19-068 Development Plans

Proposed Amenity Building

2833 Chippendale Road

For information regarding 2833 Chippendale Road, visit the application webpage.

3101 Burfield Place

Council approved the development permit for Lot 37 in Area 4 of Rodgers Creek to allow for a 39-unit multifamily residential building at the April 9, 2018, meeting.

Development Permit No. 17-094

Schedule B to DP 17-094 (Part 1)

Schedule B to DP 17-094 (Part 2)

Schedule B to DP 17-094 (Part 3)

3268 Uplands Way

September 2018

Council approved the development permit to allow 16 residential houses on Lot 2 in Area 6 of Rodgers Creek on September 10, 2018.

Development Permit No. 18-053

Schedule B to DP 18-053

3261 Chippendale Road

Council approved the development permit to allow for 10 residences on Lot 4 in Area 6 of Rodgers Creek at the September 10, 2018, meeting.

Development Permit No. 18-054

3181 Chippendale Road

The Owner received approval of their development permit application from Council on July 16, 2018, to develop the site with a 12-storey, 37 unit apartment building with:

  • 37 residential units ranging in size from 171 sq. m (1,847 sq. ft.) two-bedroom unit to 260 sq. m (2,804 sq. ft.) three-bedroom unit including the potential for lock-off suites in seven of the units;
  • 74 vehicle parking spaces (plus 8 visitor) and 74 bicycle parking spaces and;
  • extensive landscaping of the site.

Schedule A to DP 18-034 - Part 1

Schedule A to DP 18-034 - Part 2

Schedule A to DP 18-034 - Part 3

Rodgers Creek Area 6 Subdivision

Rodgers Creek Area 6 (3100 block Cypress Bowl Road) is to be developed into 13 lots as follows:

  1. 8 multi-family lots, 4 single-family lots and a multi-family building amenity site that will be transferred to District ownership as part of the Rodgers Creek Area amenity package.
  2. 12.21 ha, representing 55.6% of the 21.96 ha Area 6 development lands, are to be established as publicly owned green space.
  3. With the exception of road crossings, Cave and Westmount Creeks are to remain open and protected as they are located within the proposed dedicated Park areas.
  4. A comprehensive environmental protection plan to prevent and/or mitigate environmental impacts resulting from site development activities is included as part of the proposed development permit.
  5. Permanent constructed wetlands are proposed within proposed Lots 3 and 8 and within a proposed park area adjacent to the west property line of proposed Lot 2.
  6. Two local roads (Road G and Road H) servicing Area 6 are to be constructed that cross Westmount and Cave Creeks.  Development Permit No. 16-002 approved by Council on July 25, 2016 allowed rough in of these roads and installation of the associated culvert crossing of the creeks.
  7. Pedestrian/utility/emergency vehicle connections connect Area 6 with Cypress Bowl Road and Fern Trail (4WD accessible).
  8. The Upper Mountain Path (“the Path”) provides a connection from the Mountain Path and Chippendale Road at the east end of Area 6, west to the future Cypress Village.  The Path is located in proposed dedicated parks for its length through Area 6.  The Path is located below proposed Lots 2 and 12 (future multi-family development) and in order to maintain the forested character of these sections of the Path, retaining walls are prohibited in the rear 7 metres of these lots with this area being landscaped.
  9. Three new secondary trails are to be built to connect the neighbourhood:
  • one trail connects the Path up to the lower road (Road G) and onward to the upper road (Road H) located approximately midway along their length;
  • a second trail extends from the west end of Road G up to the existing Fern Trail; and
  • a third trail extends from the existing Fern Trail north of Area 6 up to the TransCanada Trail.

The proposed Development Permit would allow the Approving Officer to consider subdivision of the site as described above, but it would also provide for:

  • earthworks, rock removal and blasting within some of the proposed lots;
  • onsite rock processing and crushing;
  • watercourse protection;
  • park dedication;
  • tree removal and management;
  • sediment and erosion control;
  • wildland fire management; and
  • associated security bonding.

Zoning Bylaw variances for future houses on Lots 5 to 8 and retaining walls within proposed Lots 2 and 12 are also proposed. 

Subdivision Site Plan

Proposed Plan of Subdivision

Site Clearing and Preparation Works

British Pacific Properties (BPP) applied for a Development Permit (No. 16-002) for initial site clearing and preparation of Area 6 of the Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods which was approved at the July 25, 2016, Council meeting. 

Rodgers Creek Area 6

British Pacific Properties (BPP) applied for a Development Permit (No. 16-002) for initial site clearing and preparation of Area 6 of the Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods which was approved at the July 25, 2016, Council meeting

The approved works involve:

  1. earthworks, rock blasting and rock processing to allow partial construction (rough-in) of the proposed new roads (Roads G and H)
  2. culvert installation within Westmount and Cave Creeks where roads cross,
  3. rock removal and earthworks at “borrow sites” within some of the future proposed lots in order to balance cut and fill within Area 6 (as opposed to trucking in material to complete the road rough-in), and
  4. tree removal to allow the above works to occur.

BPP will be diverting users of Sex Boy and Shore Play along Fern Trail which runs east-west above Area 6, to connect riders to trails to the west.

Schedule C - Civic Drawings

Schedule D - Emergency Response Access Strategy

Schedule E - Wildland Fire Management Plan

Schedule F - Tree Management Strategy

Schedule G - Environment Management Plan

Schedule H - Mountain Bike Trail Strategy

Area 4 (Burfield Place) Development

Approved Applications

Development Permit No. 15-012: Lot 36 (14-unit apartment building)

This proposed Development Permit would regulate the form and character of a 6-storey, 14-unit apartment building. No variances to the Zoning Bylaw are proposed.

Staff Report

Drawing Booklet

Council approved this application on July 27, 2015. 

Development Variance Permit No. 14-036: Lots 22 to 35 (Site Variances)

This Development Variance Permit would allow for certain specific variances to the Zoning Bylaw relating to building envelopes, front yard setbacks, building height and highest building face. The purpose of the variance requests is to allow for house designs that are more sympathetic with the topography. Similar variances were granted for past Rodgers Creek Areas and incorporated within Development Permits, however, the applicant wishes to proceed with site servicing (i.e. road construction and other infrastructure works).

Staff Report

Development Permit No. 14-037: Lots 1 to 8 (the ‘Duplex Lots’)

This Development Permit would see the regulation of the form and character of residential development and allow for Zoning Bylaw variances relating to building height, highest building face and front yard setbacks. This permit would allow for four buildings containing eight semi-detached (duplex) units.

Staff Report

Development Permit No. 14-038: Lots 16 to 21 (the ‘Compact Lots’)

This Development Permit would see the regulation of the form and character of residential development and allow for Zoning Bylaw variances relating to building height, highest building face and building setbacks. The proposal is for six single detached dwellings on six lots.

Staff Report

Council Consideration

Council approved Development Permit No. 14-036, 14-037 and 14-038 at the May 25, 2015 Council Meeting. 

Context Map

Development Permit No. 16-003: 2992 to 3032 Burfield Place (Lots 1 to 8 Area 4)

Council Consideration

Council considered the application at the April 4, 2016 Council Meeting and approved Rodgers Creek Area 4. 

Staff Report

Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods

Rodgers Creek Area 4

The Application

This application is for a Development Permit for site development and subdivision of Area 4 of Rodgers Creek into 37 lots.  Area 4 is 9.41 ha (23.3 acres) in size and is situated on the north side of the 2900 and 3000 block of Cypress Bowl Road as shown on the map below.  The application is being made by the land owners, British Pacific Properties Limited and P. Rock Ltd.

Status of Application

At its meeting of July 29, 2013, Council approved Development Permit No. 10-051 for Rodgers Creek Area 4 subject to updating all drawings included in the development permit to show the correct location of the feature tree.

The Proposed Development Permit

If approved, the proposed Development Permit would impose requirements and conditions on the development of the lands in Rodgers Creek Area 4 consistent with the guidelines for the Rodgers Creek Area/Upper Lands Development Permit Area of the Official Community Plan.  The proposal is based on the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan which was approved by West Vancouver Council in 2008.

The key features of the proposal are:

  • The proposal provides for a new cul-de-sac road, two apartment sites, 14 semi-detached home lots, six small single-family lots and 15 regular sized single family lots;
  • 42 per cent of Area 4 to be established as publicly owned green space;
  • A permanent constructed wetland proposed at the south end of the site, north of Cypress Lane, west of Tributary PP and east of Pipe Creek;
  • A pedestrian/utility/emergency vehicle connection to connect Area 4 with Cypress Lane/Mulgrave School;
  • Continuation of the westerly extension of the Mountain Path consistent with the Rodgers Overview Report;
  • Three new secondary trails to be built to ‘connect’ the neighbourhood;
  • A feature tree in the riparian area of Tributary P (identified in the Rodgers Overview Report) to be protected during site servicing and rough grading and re-evaluated post-grading for retention; and
  • Two proposed Zoning Bylaw variances: the first variance would be for over-height retaining walls in a retaining wall system necessary to deal with a cut slope and grade changes along a 50 m long section of the new road servicing Area 4; and the second variance would be for modifying the definition of grade for purposes of calculating building height  - grade would be determined using existing grade at the rear property line and finished grade on the lot line abutting the post-construction new road.
  • An additional development permit for building ’form and character’ would be necessary on each of the lots except the 15 regular sized single family lots.

Staff report with DP, including Schedule A

DP Schedule B

DP Schedule C:





DP Schedule D

Area 5

On July 9, 2018, Council approved a development permit to allow subdivision of the subject site into one multi-family lot with the remaining area of approximately 3.42 ha (representing 35.3% of the 9.67 ha Area 5 development lands), to be established as publicly owned green space, road crossings and construction of the Mountain Path and secondary trails. Further development of the site with buildings will require subsequent development permit applications.

Site Plan

Proposed Subdivision


James Allan
Upper Lands Senior Development Planner