Maison Senior Living Residence - Taylor Way at Keith Road

On July 7, 2014 Council approved the application for an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment, a rezoning and a Development Permit for the Maison Senior Living Residence proposal.  The development is for an assisted living and memory care seniors living residence consisting of 103 beds within 91 bedrooms.  The approved documents and related background material, reports and superseded versions of the proposal are posted to this page for convenience purposes only.

Summary of the Review Process & Timelines

Approved OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4783

Approved Rezoning Bylaw No. 4784

Approved DP 12-084

Schedule A to DP 12-084

Registered Covenant 825 Taylor Way

Registered Covenant 707 Keith Road

Public Hearing April 16, 2014

Staff presentation

Council Meeting March 31, 2014

Staff presentation to Council

Applicant presentation to Council

Council Meeting January 27, 2014

Staff Presentation to Council

Applicant Presentation to Council

Public Submissions

Mayor and Council Correspondence

The Proposal

The proposal is for a private pay (i.e. not-publicly funded) seniors' assisted living and memory care residential facility with 103 beds within 91 bedrooms. The proposal differs from other senior housing projects in West Vancouver, as it would provide a housing option for people who require help with certain daily activities (i.e. taking medications, personal hygiene, etc.). There would also be a specialized service for those people with memory care needs (i.e. dementia or Alzheimer patients, etc.).

Features of the proposal include:

  • Residents of the proposed housing community would enjoy on-site amenities such as common living and dining areas, games and activities and a bistro.
  • Housing designed for people with special accessibility needs.
  • Underground parking.
  • Intent to retain as many mature trees on site as possible.

Community Consultation Meeting – December 5, 2013

Notice of Community Consultation Meeting

Council Approved Notification Area Map

Applicant Display Boards

Neighbourhood Display Boards

Completed Comment Sheets

Other Correspondence

Comment Sheets Received by Preserve Sentinel Hill Neighbourhood Committee

Staff Notes

Community Consultation Meeting – May 28, 2013

Applicant's Presentation

Council Approved Notification Area Map

Notice of Community Consultation Meeting

DWV Consultation Meeting Presentation

Completed Questionnaires May 28, 2013

Staff Reports

Report to Council for April 8 2013

July 19 Memo to DRC

Report to Council for Oct 7, 2013

October 17 Memo to DRC

November 21 Memo to DRC

Report to Council January 27, 2014

Report to Council March 31, 2014 (complete package)

Location map of the proposal: