Kiwanis Seniors' Housing

Kiwanis Housing Information

For those who are looking for housing information on how to become a resident, please call the North Shore One Stop Information Line at 604-985-7138, open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They will be able to assist potential tenants with filling out application forms and determining if qualification requirements are met.

The municipality is not involved in the processing, handling, or placement of any tenants in housing facilities.

Council gave final approval to the amending bylaws and approved the Development Permit for Kiwanis at the October 17, 2011 Council meeting. The project is currently under construction.

Overview and Background Information
The Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society has applied to the District of West Vancouver for an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment, a rezoning and a development permit in order to permit the redevelopment of the Lands. On March 21, 2010 staff was directed by Council to consult with the community on the development proposal. Staff reported back to Council on July 25, 2011 on the outcome of the Community Consultation meeting.

The Proposed Development

Kiwanis is proposing to redevelop Lot A (900 Block of 21st Street) with 137 low-income seniors’ housing units in two new buildings. Lot A is one of three lots owned, developed and operated by Kiwanis.

The Society currently operates 214 low income seniors’ housing units on the properties.

The proposal involves demolishing the five existing buildings on Lot A and replacing them with two new buildings containing 137 units of 4 and 5 storeys each. The total count of low-income seniors’ housing units collectively on the Kiwanis Lands will be 300.