Inglewood Care Centre Expansion

February 2020

The previous rezoning application for 725 Inglewood Avenue (Inglewood Care Centre) is closed. The information contained on this page is for information purposes only.

April 2019

This proposal is on hold at the request of the applicant.

June 2017

The proposal was reconsidered by the Design Review Committee (DRC) at its June 15, 2017 meeting and passed the following recommendation:

That the Design Review Committee has reviewed the application and recommends resubmission of the Inglewood Care Centre Expansion at 725 Inglewood Avenue that addresses the following concerns:

  • site planning issues need to be resolved in particular addressing access from Inglewood Avenue and location of front entry in relation to loading bay – no clear way for pedestrians to enter;
  • architecture to identify a hierarchy of building use and private spaces;
  • removal of the 50 trees identified based on proposal to add roadway to the underground parking structure be reviewed and re-evaluate need for parking at back and see how many spaces are really needed;
  • need to provide pedestrian path from parking to main entry of the building;
  • concern that not enough space for a substantial screening hedge to grow to height proposed;
  • reflect context of residential neighbourhood in a contemporary architectural expression;
  • encourage exploration of different exterior materials and cladding as well as colour use with a higher quality of materials and modern application of expression.

Prior to being referred back to the Committee, the applicant has been requested to revise the proposal in response to the above recommendations.

Letter to Design Review Committee

Partial South Render

Phasing Plan

Southeast Render

Southwest Render

Tree Retention

February 2017

At the February 6, 2017, Council meeting, Council will consider advancing the proposal to community consultations. 

February 6 Council Agenda

Staff Report - January 23, 2017

Appendix B - Project Drawings - Part 1

Appendix B - Project Drawings - Part 2

Appendix B - Project Drawings - Part 3

Appendix B - Project Drawings - Part 4


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner




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