Hampton Court (1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive)

The District of West Vancouver has received a request from a commercial landowner in the Hampton Court building (1763, 1765, 1767 Marine Drive) to allow a broader range of commercial land uses than are presently allowed (to be made consistent with other commercial property in Ambleside). The building was developed under its own ‘Comprehensive Development’ zoning that allowed only a very limited set of commercial land uses – essentially those relating to food services of some kind (restaurant, bakery, deli, etc). The range of commercial land uses generally permitted elsewhere in Ambleside is much more comprehensive and includes general categories such as retail, office, personal or business services, education, and so forth.


As this request constitutes a change in land use, an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw is required and this must be considered by the municipal Council. The proposed bylaw will be introduced at the March 10, 2014 regular meeting of Council. At this meeting, Council may choose to either reject the proposal outright or to schedule a Public Hearing so that it can hear from West Vancouver residents who feel that they are or may be affected by the proposal. If Council does schedule a Public Hearing (tentative date: March 31, 2014), formal notification will be published in the newspaper and delivered via mail to neighbouring property owners. Once Council has heard from all interested parties and closed the Public Hearing, it will deliberate on the matter and decide whether or not to proceed with approval of the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment.

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