BC Binning House: 2968 Mathers Crescent

The District has received an application for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) for 2968 Mathers Crescent.

The proposed HRA would enable the subdivision of the property into two fee simple lots as an incentive for enhanced protection of the BC Binning House, beyond the existing bylaws, complete restoration of the house in accordance with the Conservation Plan from Donald Luxton (April 2017), and public access to the site.

The BC Binning House has a rich history. In 1997, it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada because:

  • it is an early and remarkably intact illustration of architecture in the Modern Era;
  • it is clearly associated with the changing social, economic, and political conditions of the day;
  • it demonstrates meaningful interrelationships between form and function; and architecture and art; and
  • its design has had a lasting and important impact on the work of artists, architects, and other Canadians across the country.

The heritage value of the BC Binning House is significant because of its pioneering role as a demonstration site for principles of Modernism in architecture, and its contribution to the development of the West Coast Style.

It is associated with B.C. Binning, who was an artist, cultural leader and founding director of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia. Binning is recognized as a pivotal figure in the Modern movement in British Columbia.

The Binning House is listed on West Vancouver's Community Heritage Register and is eligible for municipal conservation tools and incentives enabled under the Local Government Act. The HRA is the legal framework between the District and the property owner that will provide for the ongoing and enhanced legal protection of the Binning House.

The Design Review Committee considered the proposal at its November 16, 2017 meeting and passed the following recommendation:

THAT the Design Review Committee commends the applicant for the restoration of the Binning House and that the committee recommends RESUBMISSION that addresses the following concerns:

  • Access to the new J House;
  • Volume, scale and proximity of the J House in relationship to the Binning House;
  • Provide a landscape plan for the entire site;
  • Provide details of the green roof and planting materials;
  • Consider the volume and sitting of the proposed new garage and caretaker suite; and
  • Reconsider the extent of manipulation of the landscape to accommodate the proposed driveway.

The applicant is currently working on revised plans for submission.

Design Proposal Booklet

Heritage Designation Bylaw 4157, 1999

Heritage Maintenance Bylaw 4187, 1999

Arborist Report

Conservation Plan

Context Map

Tree Plan

Process for Consideration


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner




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