875-885 Jefferson Avenue


The District has received a formal rezoning application for a proposed development that includes the rezoning and subdivision of two lots (for a total of four single-family dwellings) at 875-885 Jefferson Avenue.

The proposal is being considered under Official Community Plan policy 2.1.1, which allows consideration of site-specific rezoning applications to allow for subdivision appropriate to the subject site and context.

Proposed Architectural Plans

Proposed Landscape Plans

The application is currently under staff review, and the District will process the development application in compliance with the Development Procedures Bylaw that requires public notification and consultation. All rezoning applications must be approved by Council. 


At the preliminary application stage, the applicant held a virtual preliminary public information meeting on November 26, 2021, to provide information about the proposal, answer questions, and seek public input. This was not District-led public consultation, it was hosted by the applicant.


Michelle McGuire
Senior Manager of Current Planning and Urban Design