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752 Marine Drive - Park Royal

November 2018 update

Park Royal applied for amendments to the approved development permit for its project at 752 Marine Drive. The Director of Planning and Development Services is delegated authority to approve minor changes to any approved and issued Council development permit where the changes do not materially affect the intent of the plans.

A summary of the approved amendments include:

  • general building geometry adjustments and other door, balcony and solar shade modifications
  • mechanical adjustments including penthouses and expressions at the public realm
  • plaza adjustments to facilitate accessibility and water jet patterning

Final project status

Process for Consideration

Council Report presented at the May 7, 2018 Public Hearing

Staff presentation at the May 7, 2018 Public Hearing

Applicant presentation at the May 7, 2018 Public Hearing

Council Report presented at the resumed May 14, 2018 Public Hearing

Staff presentation at the resumed May 14, 2018 Public Hearing

Key features

  • 14 storey East Tower with 104 residential units and 6,687 square feet of commercial floor area;
  • 11 storey West Tower with 99 residential units (including market and non-market rental units), 3,898 square feet of daycare space, and 13,216 square feet of commercial floor area;
  • Total 203 residential units*:
      49 market rental units in perpetuity
      11 non-market rental units owned by the District
      51 market rental units for 20 years
      92 market rental units owned by the applicant
      *no units are being offered for sale at this time
  • a two-storey 9,690 square foot commercial building (on Squamish First Nation Land);
  • extensive public realm additions including a public plaza, generous pedestrian connections, landscaping, and cycling supports (such as a bike valet, secure storage and end-of-trip facilities);
  • 232 underground parking spaces;
  • 282 secured underground bike parking;
  • 35% site coverage; and
  • a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.25.

Council Report (including Appendices A to E)
Appendix F (Rezoning Bylaw)
Appendix G (Housing Agreement Authorization Bylaw)
Appendix H (Development Covenant)

Appendix H (Car Share Covenant)
Appendix H (Schedule F SROW Access)
Appendix H (Schedule G SROW Restroom)
Appendix I (DP 12 085)
Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 Design Booklet) Part 1

Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 Design Booklet) Part 2

Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 Design Booklet) Part 3

Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 Design Booklet) Part 4

Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 PAAC Booklet)

Appendix I (Schedule A to DP 12 085 ACDI Booklet)

Traffic Impact Assessment 2018


July 2017

Park Royal Shopping Centre submitted a development application for 752 Marine Drive (the former location of the White Spot restaurant) that was originally received in 2012.

The proposal has been on hold since 2015 as the applicant was tasked with responding to a number of items by Council.

Since that time, the Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Design Guidelines has been adopted as part of the Official Community Plan by Council earlier this year (June 2017). It is expected that the applicant will be revising its proposal to comply with the new Local Area Plan. 

This page will be updated with new information once it becomes available.

January 2015

The project appeared before the Design Review Committee (DRC) on January 29, 2015 in order for the Committee to evaluate the applicant’s response to earlier DRC comments. Please note: drawing files have been compressed for the web. Please contact the Planning Department for high resolution files.

Staff memo 

Drawing booklet 

Applicant presentation 

November 2014

The Design Review Committee (DRC) reviewed the revised proposal on November 20, 2014, found significant improvements had been made, and recommended a final re-submission to address a number of detailed design items. 

Staff memo to the DRC

Drawing booklet (61 MB)

Applicant's PowerPoint (24 MB)

Community consultation

A public hearing was held on May 7, 2018 and resumed on May 14, 2018. The public hearing is now closed.

Notice of Public Hearing for 752, 756 and 764 Marine Drive

Past reports and other documents


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner




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