6985 Isleview Road (Staples House)

Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement application for the Staples House (6985 Isleview Road)

Staples House

The Staples House at 6985 Isleview Road was built in 1966 for original owners, the late Tom and Nancy Staples. It was designed by Bruno Freschi of the firm Erickson/Massey. The Staples House is noted as a 'primary' building in the West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture: 1945-1975 (see Appendix ‘B’), and is described in the following terms:

“Heavy timbers are used to frame the form of the house, which steps down a very steep slope in a series of overlapping narrow rectangles.  Posts and beams are cut to the same dimension to balance the distinction between horizontal and vertical forces.  Infill panels of horizontal siding, lattice and plate glass are used within the heavy gridded frame, while the entrance is marked by a sloping shed roof over the carport and entry court.  The ends of the beams are carried past the ends of the house in flying extensions that contrast with the vertical lines of the natural forest.”

“The sophistication of this post and beam structure indicates the refinement possible within the West Coast Style of modern architecture.”

Proposed Development

Municipal heritage conservation powers are governed by Part 27 of the Local Government. These include ongoing protection tools such as Heritage Revitalization Agreements and Heritage Designation. The Staples House at 6985 Isleview Road was added to the West Vancouver Community Heritage Register in 2012, by resolution of Council. This provides formal recognition of its heritage value, and makes it eligible for conservation incentives, in accordance with guidelines established by Council in 2009.

There is currently no legal heritage protection in place, and the Staples House could be demolished and replaced with a new larger house. The property’s RS3 zoning would allow for construction of a new house on this site of approximately 9,000 sq.ft. plus basement. The owner has recently made alterations to the existing house, including conservation work, material changes, and additions, but this work has been guided by a heritage conservation plan and undertaken with an approved Building Permit. The changes made to the house are considered appropriate, and in keeping with its heritage value and character.

The owner has made application for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA). If approved by Council, the HRA would provide for a second dwelling to be built on the property (below the existing house), as an incentive for the conservation and legal protection of the Staples House. A Heritage Designation Bylaw would be considered in tandem with the HRA bylaw, and would provide ongoing legal protection of the heritage resource. Implementation of this proposal is subject to Council approval of HRA and Heritage Designation bylaws, both of which would be subject to a Public Hearing and statutory notification procedures.

The application was placed on hold by the owner in February 2016.

Proposed HRA Plans for 6985 Isleview Road

6985 Isleview Road Staples House Heritage Conservation Plan


James Allan
Community Planner