3092 Marine Drive

The applicant has submitted an application for an Environmental Development Permit (EDP) with a requested zoning variance to construct a 13.5 square metre (145 square foot) addition to the eastern end of the second storey of the existing dwelling that would be located above the footprint of the existing lower floor. The proposed second storey addition is set back 8.6 metres from the front yard and would provide for a 0.54 m variance to the required 9.1-metre front yard setback.

The EDP is required for the second storey addition and removal of a carport as it is within 15 m from the top of bank of a watercourse (Pipe Creek) which flows on the adjacent neighbouring property to the east.

Note: The existing dwelling is set back 7.75 m from the front yard and has a variance that was approved from the Board of Variance in 1983.

As part of the consideration process, neighbours within 50 metres of 3092 Marine Drive will receive written notice about the application and will be given two weeks, from November 15 until November 26, 2021, to provide comments to staff on the proposal.

Architectural Drawings 


Megan Roberts
Planning Technician