2510, 2480 and Lots B & C Wentworth Avenue

APRIL 2022

The District has received development permit applications for 2510, 2480, and Lots B & C Wentworth Avenue to enable a proposed 32-lot single-family subdivision under existing zoning. A rezoning is not required. The proposed development permits are being considered under the Future Neighbourhoods Development Permit Area and Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area guidelines. The property was approved for a 29-lot subdivision in 2017, however it did not proceed. 

The proposal is under staff review. Dates to consider the Future Neighbourhood Development Permit (by Council) or the Wildfire Development Permit (delegated to staff) have not been set. Opportunities for public input and public notification will be given in compliance with the Development Procedures Bylaw.

Part 1 - Project Summary

Part 2 - Site & Area Context

Part 3 - Policies & Guidelines

Part 4 - Project Vision & Guiding Principles

Part 5 - Project Overview

Part 6 - Design, Sustainability, & Other

Part 7 - Landscape Plans

Part 8 - Schematic Building Designs

Part 9 - Traffic Study


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner