2480, 2510 and Lots B and C Wentworth Avenue

Update: The Development Permit has expired and the subdivision application has been cancelled.

This application allowed the applicant to:

  • subdivide the subject site into 29 lots ranging in area from 930m2 to 1624m2;
  • protect the riparian area within 10 metres of top of Marr Creek bank protection of existing trees;
  • dedicate approximately 4487m2 of the site below top of bank as park to achieve protection of the Marr Creek riparian area;
  • provide two new dedicated cul-de-sac roads with pedestrian sidewalks, landscaping and bioswales;
  • provide pedestrian sidewalk and trail connections through the site, north to Chippendale Road and south to Chairlift Place;
  • contribute improvements to the intersection of Chairlift Road and Wentworth Avenue to help address additional traffic generated by the proposed subdivision, and;
  • landscape each lot including planting of trees and providing green retaining wall systems within the front yard.

This application was approved on July 24, 2017.

Schedule B - Proposed Plan of Subdivision 

Schedule C - Proposed Civil Engineering Plans

Schedule D - Proposed Landscape Plan

Schedule E - Environmental Assessment


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