1495 Esquimalt Avenue

October 2020 update

At its meeting on October 19, 2020 Council approved an amendment to the Land Use Contract to allow for an emergency generator to be located at the northwest corner of the site.


The applicant proposed a building envelope upgrade and generator relocation on the subject site. The intent of the proposal was to:

  1. Improve the thermal performance of the building envelope by covering the exterior with insulation and cladding;
  2. Address site related issues that pose safety concerns; and
  3. Provide for a new emergency generator that meets current building codes.

Two applications were required:

  1. The proposed changes to the exterior of the building are under review by staff and are exempted from a development permit as the renovation is considered minor in nature and does not involve the construction of any new buildings or structures.  The works include upgrading the building's appearance by replacing cladding, balcony railings, windows, and doors. 
  2. An amendment to the Land Use Contract is required to be considered by Council for the siting of the generator in the northwest corner of the site.

The Design Review Committee reviewed and supported the proposal at the July 21, 2020 meeting.

Council considered the proposal for the emergency generator at its meeting on October 19, 2020.

Project Plans

Council Report | September 3, 2020


Erika Syvokas
Community Planner