1445 Queens Avenue (OCP, Rezoning, DP)

The District has received a formal development application for two duplexes at 1445 Queens Avenue.

The proposal will require an Official Community Plan amendment, rezoning, and development permit approval from District of West Vancouver Council. Accordingly, there will be opportunities for public input as the proposal advances.
The proposal is being considered under Official Community Plan 2.1.3 which allows for consideration of duplex rezonings in existing neighbourhoods to expand duplex opportunities.

Preliminary Application Background

At the preliminary application stage, the applicant held a virtual preliminary public information meeting on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, to provide information about the proposal, answer questions, and seek public input. This was not District-led public consultation, it was hosted by the applicant.

Architectural Drawings–OCP, Rezoning, and DP


Megan Roberts
Assistant Planner