1327 Marine Drive

An application for a Development Permit has been received for a 3-storey mixed commercial and residential building at 1327 Marine Drive (currently a vacant site immediately west of the Shell Gas Station). Proposed mezzanine accesses to roof-top terraces creates a partial fourth floor.

Features of the proposal include:

  • 16 residential units
  • 5,165 square feet of ground-oriented commercial floor area
  • A Floor Area Ratio of 1.58 (maximum permitted is 1.75)
  • 38 underground parking spaces accessed via the rear lane
  • Variances are proposed to accommodate mezzanine access to roof-top terraces

The application was considered by the Design Review Committee (DRC) at its meeting on April 20, 2016, where it recommended support for the project subject to staff review of the following items:

  • design development to provide a more generous entry at lobby
  • explore more generous spacing between front and back units at the courtyard
  • continue design development for the treatment of the eastern end wall with the possible inclusion of a public art piece as a gateway to the community

September 2017

Council approved the Development Permit, with a variance to accommodate the elevator over run and roof top solar panels 

Develpment Permit

Schedule A

Public Notice

Process for Consideration



Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner




To comment on this development application, you may send an email to Mayor and Council: