1327 Marine Drive

May 2016 update

Temporary Use Permit requested by Grosvenor Americas was approved on May 16, 2016. The Temporary Use Permit will allow for temporary parking for trades and contractors associated with the construction of their building at 1355 Bellevue Avenue.

The subject site is vacant (following demolition of a fire-damaged building by the owners). Grosvenor to use an existing paved portion of the site, adjacent to the lane, to accommodate up to 40 vehicles (see Appendix A to proposed Temporary Use Permit).

A lower area adjacent to Marine Drive is not to be used for parking due to the change in elevation between the lane and this area.

As part of the temporary use, Grosvenor is required to install signage to control parking on the site and restrict parking to Grosvenor contractors and subcontractors which will comply with the Sign Bylaw.

Council Report: Proposed Temporary Use Permit

Council Agenda - May 16, 2016


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner