4441 Piccadilly North (Gentles Cottage)

The District has received a formal Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) application at 4441 Piccadilly North. As proposed, the HRA would allow for:

  • renovation of the existing residence on site (Gentles Cottage) allowing for five rental suites within the residence;
  • construction of 8 multi-family residential units on the western portion of the site (2 duplexes and 4 townhouses); and
  • protect the property with a heritage designation.

Update - October 2020

At the request of the applicant, the HRA proposal has been put on hold. This web page will be updated if the status of the HRA proposal changes. 

In the meantime, the property owners have applied for subdivision to create a total of three single-family dwelling lots under the existing RS3 zoning. A "sites with difficult terrain" minor development permit must be approved by the Director of Planning and Development Services prior to subdivision approval.  Please see the link below for more information on the subdivision proposal.

HRA Proposal (on hold)

Subdivision Proposal Synopsis


Erik Wilhelm
Senior Community Planner