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Planning & Development

West Vancouver is a community with a high quality of life, unmatched natural setting and valued community amenities. Our processes ensure that any change respects and enhances what is primarily a residential community, and adheres to relevant legislation.

Current Developments

Development applications are reviewed and processed by the Planning Department. The following is a list of applications currently underway. More Information

Development Regulations

Development regulations protect the environment, protect residents from hazardous conditions and ensure that new developments and changes to existing developments are in line with the community’s objectives for neighbourhood character and use. More Information

Development Applications

How to submit a new development application, submission requirements, and the development process. More Information

Foreshore Development Permit Area

As climate change causes increased sea level rise and storm surge, it is important to develop building regulations in areas at risk of coastal hazards and flooding. A Foreshore Development Permit Area (DPA) would guide redevelopment of properties within areas potentially impacted by coastal flooding, and ensure that new development is suitably designed for safe use in response to climate change threats. More Information


Housing diversity and affordability is important to the District of West Vancouver. West Vancouver residents recognize the challenges of managing future change and meeting emerging housing needs, while preserving the highly valued character of West Vancouver’s existing neighbourhoods. More Information

Neighbourhood Character

Our neighbourhoods are changing, as existing modest homes are replaced with much larger ones that include significant alterations to the surrounding landscape. The issue, however, is less about the style of new houses but rather, how this new development is integrated within existing neighbourhoods. More Information


If you own property withing the Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area, you need an alteration permit before beginning any work. More Information


Land area, land use and demographic statistics More Information

Official Community Plan Review

The Official Community Plan review will provide a number of opportunities for citizen engagement throughout the coming year as various policies are reviewed and local area plans are developed. More Information


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Management team:

Jim Bailey
Director of Planning & Development Services



Kevin Spooner
Senior Manager of Permits & Inspections & Land Development



Christie Mills
Manager of Permits & Inspections



Eric Villeneuve
Manager of Land Development



Heather Keith
Manager of Environmental Protection



David Hawkins
Senior Manager of Community Planning & Sustainability



Michelle McGuire
Senior Manager of Current Planning & Urban Design