Tree Cutting Permit: Public Lands

The District is consulting the community regarding tree protection on private lands and will report back to Council in July 2016. Until then, an Interim Tree Bylaw is in place to protect identified trees until Council considers a long-term strategy for tree protection.

Interim Tree Bylaw

Municipal Boulevard Tree Permits are required before any tree work can be done on public land, boulevards or parks, on private property near streams or in covenanted areas.

Tree work is described in the following categories:

  • low-impact–single tree pruning, for example, re-topping a hedge
  • medium impact–for example, tree removal (small trees) or pruning multiple trees
  • high impact–defined on a case-by-case basis if the work exceeds the above definitions
  • private property–trees are on private property, but a permit is required because they are within a watercourse area or in a covenanted area

Before submitting your application for a Municipal Boulevard Tree Permit for tree work on public land, you will need to:

  • find a tree contractor from the list provided. Obtain a quote and scope of work to be included in your application
  • get neighbourhood approval. Contact your neighbours within a 30-metre radius for low-impact work or a 50-metre radius for medium or high-impact work, and have them sign the neighbourhood consent form. A minimum of 80 per cent of your neighbours needs to approve to work before you can submit your application.

Complete the application form

 Municipal Boulevard Tree Cutting Permit Application

a.  clearly define the proposed scope of work

b.  include a sketch or legal plan indicating legal ownership of the trees

c.  tag all trees being considered for work for inspection by municipal staff

d.  include the signed consent forms you obtained from your neighbours. While only 80 per cent consent is required to submit your application, the District will send letters to any neighbours from whom you do not receive consent  forms to ensure that all neighbours have been given a chance to comment

3.    Send the completed application in by one of the following methods:

  • Mail: Parks Department,  Arboriculture Office
    3755 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver BC  V7S 3E7
  • Email
  • f: 604-925-7140

4.    Once your application has been received and processed, an invoice will be emailed to you. This usually takes a couple of days.


Private property: $100
Low impact: $100
Medium Impact: $100
High Impact: Not being accepted at this time

Application fees are non-refundable.

You can pay the invoice in one of the following ways:

  • Online
  • In person on the main floor of Municipal Hall at 750 17th Street

5.    The review of a completed application usually takes two to three weeks.

6.    If your application is approved, a permit will be sent directly to the contractor identified on your application.

7.    You must notify the District at least 48 hours before beginning work. The tree permit must be on site during the work, and no debris is to be left behind.

8.    A final inspection of the work must be conducted. Call 604-925-7192 to schedule an inspection.

Approved Tree Contractors

Neighbourhood Consent Form

Tree Policy

Municipal Boulevard Tree Cutting Permit Application