Property Search

You can request information on any property in the District of West Vancouver from the Permits and Inspections Department. This is known as a Comfort Letter and will provide any details available on permits issued, date of occupancy, outstanding work orders, zoning information and Board of Variance applications.

A Comfort Letter does not include copies of records or house plans.

Please submit your Comfort Letter request in writing, along with payment (see below for fee information) by cheque made payable to the District of West Vancouver, to:

Permits & Inspections
750 17th Street
West Vancouver BC V7V 3T3


Single family or duplex: $215 + GST
Condominiums/apartments: $300 + GST
Commercial, industrial and institutional: $500 + GST

To include in your request:

  • Name, address, contact phone number and fax number
  • Owner’s authorization (if you are not the registered owner)
  • Address of property
  • Legal description of property
  • Strata Lot Number if applicable
  • Cheque for $210 or $315, payable to the District of West Vancouver
  • Itemized requests, such as.
    • details and status of permits
    • Date of Occupancy Certificate
    • outstanding issues
    • zoning

If you submit a current site survey, it will be reviewed by a Plan Checker and the setback requirements and other related information will be included in the letter. The letter is prepared within five working days of receipt of request.

Comfort Letter - Owner Authorization