Permits & Licences

A number of activities in the municipality require a permit, many of which are listed below.

Please visit Construction & Renovating for building, electrical and mechanical permits.

Please visit Information for Businesses for business permits, liquor licences, commercial dogs walker permits and more.

Boulevard Encroachment Permits

You need an Encroachment Permit to place the following items on your boulevard: More Information

Building Permits

Everything you need to know to get your building permit. More Information

Dog licences

If your dog is older than six months, it needs a licence and must wear a tag. More Information

Electrical Permits

All electrical permits must be taken out on your behalf by a provincially-qualified contractor unless you can demonstrate to the electrical inspector that you have the knowledge and skills to do the work. More Information

Fireworks Permit

If you plan to use fireworks at Hallowe'en, or part of a private function, you need a permit. More Information

Parking Permits: Residential

Permit parking is available for residents in four areas of the District. More Information

Plumbing, Drainage, Hot Water Heating, Sprinkling Permits

Mechanical permits include plumbing, drainage, hot water heating, sprinkling. The District of West Vancouver does not issue gas permits. More Information

Sign Permits

If you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business, or alter an existing sign, you’ll need a permit. More Information

Special Event Permit

If you are hosting an event with vendors, and/or a for-profit event, you will also need a Special Events Business Licence as the organizer. Write “Special Event” under Business Description. More Information

Sprinkling Permit

Seasonal lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from May 15 to October 15, every year. To water lawns outside of permitted regular sprinkling hours, a special lawn sprinkling permit is required. More Information

Street Occupancy Permit

A street occupancy permit is required whenever any portion of municipal property (i.e. boulevard, sidewalk, roadway or public lane) is temporarily occupied. More Information

Tree Cutting Permit for Municipal Boulevards

Municipal Boulevard Tree Permits are required before any tree work can be done on public land, boulevards or parks, on private property near streams or in covenanted areas. More Information

Tree Cutting Permit: Private Property

An Interim Tree Bylaw is in place to protect identified trees on private property, a permit may be required. More Information

Underground Oil Tank Removal Permit

If you have an oil tank on your property, it is important to have it removed. It poses a significant potential for environmental contamination, for which you could be liable. It could complicate real estate transactions and restrict your insurance coverage. More Information

Wedding Permits

West Vancouver's parks are desirable locations for weddings. There are two types of permits to choose from to hold a wedding in a park. More Information

Building Permits

Building, Electrical & Mechanical Permits:

Permits & Inspections

Business Permits

Visit the Economy section for business licences and other business-related permits.


Fire Permits

If you own or are interested in starting a business, there are specific permits that West Vancouver Fire & Rescue requires you to have, depending on your business type.

Fire Permits