Tree Bylaw: Tree Survey Requirements

The Tree Bylaw manages and protects any species of tree with a diameter of 75 cm or greater; Garry oak, Arbutus, Pacific Yew, Pacific dogwood, Yellow cedar, and Shore pine trees with a diameter of 20 cm or greater; any trees greater than 10 cm in diameter or greater within a Watercourse Protection Area (“Protected Trees”).

When submitting a building or demolition permit application for a property on which protected trees are located, a survey of all protected trees on a property, adjacent boulevard, right-of-ways, easements, and neighbour properties must be submitted from a BC Land Surveyor showing:

  1. location of trees that are protected by the Bylaw
  2. the diameter of protected trees, measured at 1.4 m above the ground
  3. species of each protected tree

Where an application for a tree permit is being submitted, and no building or demolition permit is required (e.g. to remove a hazard tree), a survey from a BC Land Surveyor showing the location(s) of the protected tree(s) may be required.

All protected trees that will be retained must be protected using the following criteria:

Tree Protection Specifications

If tree protection needs to be removed temporarily during construction activities, a certified arborist must be onsite monitoring during construction. The arborist needs to sign a Confirmation of Commitment Letter.

This letter is to ensure that the arborist and the applicant are aware of the commitment to monitor any protected trees where tree protection is removed, until the tree protection is re-instated.

Confirmation of Commitment Letter

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