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Interim Tree Bylaw: Tree Survey Requirements

The District adopted Interim Tree Bylaw #4892, 2016 on April 20, 2016. This bylaw manages and protects any species of tree with a diameter of 75cm or greater and Garry oak and Arbutus trees with a diameter of 20 cm or greater ("identified trees").

When submitting a building or demolition permit application for a property on which identified trees are located, a survey of all identified trees on a property must be submitted from a BC Land Surveyor showing:

  1. location of identified trees that are protected by the Bylaw
  2. the diameter of identified trees, measured at 1.4 m above the ground
  3. species of each identified tree

Where an application for a tree permit is being submitted, and no building or demolition permit is required (e.g. to remove a hazard tree), a survey from a BC Land Surveyor showing the location(s) of the identified tree(s) is required.

Tree Protection Specifications

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