Official Community Plan Review

Updated June 2018

The Official Community Plan Review is about shaping the future of West Vancouver: how housing needs can be met, where shops, services and community facilities are located, how we move around, how we can protect the environment and how we respond to climate change.

We’ve adopted a new Official Community Plan…
…and we want to thank the community for their input. Our new Official Community Plan emerged from over 100 meetings and events, over 1,000 surveys and submissions and ~4,500 instances of engagement that reflect the community's objectives, ideas and directions. The Official Community Plan Bylaw was adopted by Council on June 25, 2018. We want to thank everyone who participated in the Official Community Plan Review process through 2017 and 2018. Find more information, including the updated Official Community Plan, at:

There is still more to do....
…including Local Area Plans that will provide policy guidance for smaller urban areas. Council approved the Marine Drive Local Area Plan last June and we have launched the planning process for the Ambleside Town Centre. Visit for more details on this Council Priority. Local Area Plans will also be prepared for Cypress Village, Taylor Way and Horseshoe Bay.