Natural Environment & Climate Action

Updated September 2018

In 2014, Council dedicated 124 hectares of forest land as Whyte Lake Park, achieving carbon neutrality for five years. Also in 2014, Council adopted the Community Energy & Emissions Plan (CEEP), prepared by a citizen working group. Many recommendations in the plan have already been integrated into our decisions and policy framework and this work will continue. We have:

  • adopted the BC Energy Step Code and a Sustainable Buildings Policy, meaning new buildings will be among the most energy efficient in the region
  • implemented a public recycling project in Horseshoe Bay
  • implemented a Corporate Energy & Emissions Plan to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in District operations
  • participated with the province, Canadian Coast Guard, and other government agencies to develop oil spill preparation and response plans
  • completed a Plan for Trails on Public Land
  • implemented Phase 4 of the Cycling Network Plan
  • participated in Canada-wide Municipal Natural Assets project
  • enhanced water conservation outreach to residents
  • supported the initiative to create Howe Sound as a UNESCO biosphere region
  • completed scope for a District Natural Capital Inventory
  • integrated climate action policies, greenhouse gas reduction targets, and environmental protection into the OCP

CEE Plan

The Community Energy & Emissions Plan focuses on four areas:

Places & Spaces (neighbourhood & community planning)

Bricks & Mortar (housing & land use)

Roll & Stroll (transportation & land use)

Trash & Treasure (solid waste & materials)