Natural Environment & Climate Action

Updated July 2017

As a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter, the District participates in the provincial Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) promoting corporate greenhouse gas tracking and reduction.

CARIP allows municipalities to recover carbon tax paid for fossil fuels used in its operations. The District recently filed its 2016 CARIP report and was able to recoup over $81,000 for the year by doing the following:

  • Council adoption and implementation of the Community Energy and Emissions Plan with 39 strategic directions for a healthier climate and community
  • energy-efficient upgrades to buildings and street lighting
  • greenspace protection actions such as the interim tree bylaw to regulate management of trees on private property
  • restoring parkland through treatment of invasive plants and coordination of stewardship groups to plant 900 native plants
  • increasing recycling through piloting waste bins with recycling streams in the public realm
  • continuing to improve fleet fuel economy with more efficient vehicles.

CEE Plan

The Community Energy & Emissions Plan focuses on four areas:

Places & Spaces (neighbourhood & community planning)

Bricks & Mortar (housing & land use)

Roll & Stroll (transportation & land use)

Trash & Treasure (solid waste & materials)