Built Form, Housing & Neighbourhood Character

Updated September 2018

This priority initially focused on the size and height of new houses, but has evolved into many facets to address the increasingly complex issues related to housing and neighbourhoods. Our progress includes:

  • With the rapid pace of development and minimal tree regulation in place, the​ District implemented an Interim Tree Bylaw in 2016 to manage trees on private land. In 2017, the Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group was created to develop more detailed recommendations for Council’s consideration.
  • To address the impact of construction on residents, the District implemented a Construction Standards Program with a dedicated bylaw officer.
  • The continued development of standards through zoning bylaw changes for lot consolidations, fence heights and landscaping will be supplemented by the work of the Neighbourhood Character Working Group, established in 2018 to look into the scale and type of new housing in neighbourhoods.
  • With the high cost of housing and lack of options for our families, downsizers and workforce, we have provided affordable housing strategies in the OCP, developed potential housing options for District-owned lands and established an Affordable Housing Reserve Fund.
  • Background work is underway to support the planning of a sustainable Cypress Village.

Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group

Neighbourhood Character Working Group

Neighbourhood Character Working Group

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Character Working Group is to research, propose, consider and review regulations and policies to enhance neighbourhood character and reduce the impacts of development in the District’s Single Family Dwelling Zones.

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Interim Tree Bylaw

The District has heard continued and increasing concern from the community regarding the loss of trees. This concern has been exacerbated by the now-common practice of the complete clearing of lots for new or redevelopment. At the same time, the District recognizes and manages the effects of tree growth on amenities such as access to sunlight, views and safety.

On July 18, 2016, Council instructed staff to continue public engagement and create a task force.

Interim Tree Bylaw