Arts, Culture & Heritage

Update September 2018

The process of creating the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy began in late 2016 and Council adopted the Arts & Culture Strategy in June 2018. This strategy is set apart from previous documents by increasing engagement and collaboration across independent arts and culture groups. The strategy sets out high-level community values that are supported by goals, and a work plan that sets the stage for more detailed planning for facilities and programs over five years. Other accomplishments during our term include:

  • establishment of a Public Art Fund
  • completion of an economic impact study for Harmony Arts Festival
  • integration of arts, culture and heritage into the OCP and the Ambleside Waterfront Plan
  • expansion of the West Vancouver Memorial Library card project to secondary schools
  • creation of a technology learning lab at West Vancouver Memorial Library
  • establishment of a Heritage Advisory Committee

Arts & Culture Strategy

The Arts & Culture Strategy was presented to Council on June 25, 2018.

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