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Regular Council Meeting

Meeting Type: 
Regular Council Meeting
Meeting Status: 
Meeting Date: 
Dec 7, 2020 - 6:00 pm
Municipal Hall Council Chamber

Regular Council meeting held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.

  • We strongly encourage the community to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Please watch the Council meeting online at
  • If you wish to present to Council, please consider submitting your comments to [email protected] instead of attending in person.
  • To learn how to participate by telephone, please visit
  • Arts Facilities Advisory Committee/Klee Wyck Subcommittee – Klee Wyck Site 2020-2029 Plan Recommendations: Consideration.
  • Neighbourhood Character Working Group: Final Report: Consideration.
  • Housing Needs Report: Consideration.
  • Proposed: Solid Waste Utility Amendment Bylaw 5092, 2020; and Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw 5102, 2020: Consideration of adoption.
  • Proposed Waterworks Regulation Amendment Bylaw 5093, 2020: Consideration of adoption.
  • Proposed Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Amendment Bylaw 5094, 2020: Consideration of adoption.
  • Proposed: Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 5074, 2020; and Development Procedures Amendment Bylaw 5073, 2020 (Proposed Development Permit Exemptions and Delegations): Consideration of adoption.
  • Proposed: Zoning Amendment Bylaw 5069, 2020; and Development Permit 19-110 (McGavin Field): Consideration of bylaw adoption and development permit approval.
  • 2020 Third Quarter Financial Report: Information report.
  • Delegation Request: Consideration.