Regular Council Meeting

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Regular Council Meeting

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Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities

Regular Council meeting held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities.

  • Delegation - Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society, regarding Howe Sound Community Forums 2022 & Beyond: Information presentation.
  • Ocean Ambassadors Canada, regarding PickUp3 Program: Information presentation.
  • Proposed 2022-2026 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 5185, 2022, Amendment Bylaw 5219, 2022 and Proposed Phase 2 Capital Funding Report: Consideration of three readings and funding approval.
  • Climate Action Strategy Overview: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed Projects under the Environmental Reserve Fund: Consideration of approval.
  • Ebike Incentive Pilot Initiative: Consideration of approval.
  • 2022 Community Grants Recommendations: Arts, Culture & Heritage and Community & Social Services Grants – Round 2: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed Solid Waste Utility Bylaw 4740, 2012, Amendment Bylaw 5220, 2022 (Recycling in Parks): Consideration of three readings.
  • Proposed Amendments to Arts Facilities Advisory Committee Terms of Reference: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed: General Council Committees Policy 0144; and General Council Committees Procedure 0145: Consideration of approval.