Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) leads, coordinates and provides oversight for all District divisions and departments to ensure the District is accomplishing Council’s priorities and the public’s goals.

Appointed by and reporting to Council, the CAO administers the business affairs of the municipality, oversees the senior executive team and directs the development and implementation of corporate policies and programs.

The CAO exercises general financial control of all departments and ensures Council is presented with annual estimates of revenue and expenditures. The CAO liaises with local boards, commissions, agencies, other municipalities, and the provincial and federal governments.

Economic Development

The primary objective for Economic Development in West Vancouver is to diversify the local economy and to support the municipality’s transition to a more resilient community.

The preparation of an Economic Development Plan was initiated in early 2016. Work included nearly two years of research, stakeholder engagement, academic and other working partnerships and strategy development.

Economic Development Plan


Robert Bartlett
Chief Administrative Officer



Leah Arthur
Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer



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